About me

aboutMy name is David and welcome to my site! Years ago, I was dead broke. I had returned from a long and miserable shift at work to find that my tine house was completed flooded. We’re talking 6 inches+ of water flooded. Not damp. Flooded. Everything was absolutely ruined.

Like I said, I had no money. I had no idea what had happened or why, nor any clue of how to fix the problem even if I could identify it… Which I couldn’t. You might’ve guessed it too, but I had no insurance of any kind. I had to empty my meagre savings, and even borrow money from a friend, just to pay to have this dire mess cleaned up. Sorting out the rest of the home would firmly put me into a pit of debt that I’ve barely just crawled out of.

According to the plumber that came out, it was a very common issue. He guessed that the pipe had been dripping for a while. Then slowly leaking… before bursting completely and drowning my home whilst I was out. I felt a cold chill when he said all of this because I had noticed a damp mark in my ceiling! But I had just ignored it. What did I know about pipes and plumbing tricks?! He told me that if I had dealt with it when I first saw the damp patch, I could’ve saved myself THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! The worst part was… it only needed a simple tweak that would’ve have taken five minutes.

It hurts me to even write that sentence out. He was kind enough to show me that simple tweak, and that began my borderline obsession with plumbing. I scoured blogs and websites looking for tips but couldn’t find anything that I felt was really useful. In the end, I went all on and became a trained and professional plumber myself. But I don’t expect everyone, or anyone, to go that overboard.

I created this blog to give the everyday guys out there the tips and tricks to rescue them out of a tight spot. My home was ruined from that one event. From that one period of negligence. I do not want that happening to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Sometimes, there is no need to have to hire out a professional. Plumbers can be damn expensive. I know this from both sides of the fence. But like that plumber told me on that horrible, horrible day, sometimes it’s only the tiniest of repairs that can save your wallet and your sanity. With this site I hope to teach you these easy to do home repairs so that you can take care of your business yourself. Before a certain something hits the fan. And it can hit the fan quite literally, if it’s your toilet that’s playing up…